How to prepare for your job interview

At QTC Recruitment we strongly believe that, if you prepare, interviews will be the start of an exciting new chapter. Even though we inform all our candidates for the last 10 years about the company and how to prepare for the interview, we thought it would be great to write it down.

  • Do your research
    Hereby we do not only mean double checking the address and tweaking your handshake, but also thoroughly researching the company and its culture. Look at the company’s website, assess their products, services, client-base and company values. Furthermore, consider how to explain the problematic aspects of your CV (e.g. unemployment), prepare yourself to share your views and ideas and research current trends, the news and competitors of the organization.
    These are all key steps to understanding and it will help you answer questions and stand out from less-prepared candidates.
  • What to bring
    Make sure you brought extra copies of your CV, the job description and person specification, a notebook and pen to write down useful information and any extra information or work requested by the company
  • Compare your skills to the job requirements
    Analyse the job description and outline to what extend your abilities match what is required. This helps you to create a clear overview and conversation during the interview.
  • Dress appropriately
    What you choose to wear can seriously affect the outcome of the interview. There is only one chance to make a good first impression so ensure that it is memorable for all the right reasons.
  • ‘Do you have any questions?’
    It is important to always prepare questions beforehand. QTC Recruitment always recommends to write down around 5 questions. Cover any information that wasn’t discussed yet or topics you would like to clarify. Even if all your questions are answered, you can at least show that you prepared.

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