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Kommentar von Natra

Hans from QTC Recruitment had contacted me for some interesting job proposals. He is a very professional headhunter, understands very well the needs of his clients and is very efficient ...Lees meer

Eli Lilly

Kommentar von Eli Lilly

Hans is a thorough and professional recruiter. By good listening and his empathetic ability he made „the right match“ for me. In my opinion, Hans and QTC Recruitment in general, ...Lees meer


Kommentar von DSM

During my interaction with Hans from QTC Recruitment, he demonstrated a high degree of expertise, commitment and flexibility, not loosing sight of a candidate’s personality. Hans has the ability to ...Lees meer


Kommentar von AbbVie

Thanks to Hans from QTC Recruitment, who was able to perfectly sense that I was ready for a change in environment and then find an excellent match, I started with ...Lees meer


Kommentar von Gilead

Thanks Jord & Hans from QTC Recruitment for the good interaction and follow-up for my new role at Gilead! An Baudemprez Quelle: LinkedIn


Kommentar von Zoetis

Jord from QTC Recruitment was an important contact in 2013 when I was looking for a job in Belgium. He offered different job positions that fitted to my profile. Maisa ...Lees meer